Known Issues

April 24, 2007

Well, after having received so many bugs for Super Clean, I thought I better release a known issues post. I still haven’t found time to sit and squash all these bugs, but trust me I’ll do them soon! Till then, please grin and bear!

Here’s the list (more bugs? comment away!)

  1. Search field: I think on some old versions of Greasemonkey, the search field is very long.
  2. Reply formating: while replying to a mail using the “reply” button, the formating options wont be visible, i.e. options like font colors, highlights are functional but the colors menu is not visible.
  3. Reply drop-down menu: The drop down menu with reply, reply to all etc options was initially hidden for the sake of simplicity, but quite a few people have requested to get this back. This can actually be done by tweaking the code a bit, there’s this small fragment in the code that says “visibility:hidden” just delete it and your reply button will be back. But i don’t recommend this, wait for the new version of GSC.
  4. A horizontal scrollbar appears below the sender’s details when the sender’s email address is very long.
  5. Text may overlap at a few places if your screen width is below 600 pixels or so.

The Skin

April 20, 2007

Why Skin Gmail?

Gmail is an amazing email service, its by far the best email service that I’ve come across. The only thing I’m not happy about Gmail is the way it looks. Google guys have done beautiful stuff like Picasa, but Gmail has remained pretty much the same. So, I made “Gmail Super Clean” a simple little skin for Gmail, using Greasemonkey.

The SkinGmail Super Clean Skin

Gmail Super Clean was made to simplify the way Gmail looks. It’s got quite a few customization options. You can change the logo, fonts, show/hide ads etc using the User script commands on Greasemonkey. I posted this script on, and I’m happy to see that the script has had more than 25,000 installs there (thanks people :)). Besides I’ve been getting quite a lot of emails suggesting ideas/bugs and tips to improve this skin. So, I made this blog is dedicated to this skin, and I’ll try to keep it updated and improve it. If you have comments or new ideas for this skin or bug reports then please do post it here, and I’ll try my best to do something about it.

You can download the Gmail Super Clean script here