Why Skin Gmail?

Gmail is an amazing email service, its by far the best email service that I’ve come across. The only thing I’m not happy about Gmail is the way it looks. Google guys have done beautiful stuff like Picasa, but Gmail has remained pretty much the same. So, I made “Gmail Super Clean” a simple little skin for Gmail, using Greasemonkey.

The Skin

Gmail Super Clean Skin

Gmail Super Clean was made to simplify the way Gmail looks. It’s got quite a few customization options. You can change the logo, fonts, show/hide ads etc using the User script commands on Greasemonkey. I posted this script on userscripts.org, and I’m happy to see that the script has had more than 25,000 installs there (thanks people :)). Besides I’ve been getting quite a lot of emails suggesting ideas/bugs and tips to improve this skin. So, I made this blog is dedicated to this skin, and I’ll try to keep it updated and improve it. If you have comments or new ideas for this skin or bug reports then please do post it here, and I’ll try my best to do something about it.


The new inbox

Settings Page


You can download the Gmail Super Clean script here

Happy Gmailing!

Ganesh Rao


One Response to “About”

  1. Steve Says:

    Any updated version for the new Gmail version? The Air skin seems to present some wacky gui problems when enabled with it.


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