Finally, someone’s shown some curiosity about who the author is! 😉 Well, I’m Ganesh Rao, a freelance web designer who takes pleasure in implementing the web 2.oh! technology. CSS and coffee are two things without which my day wont be complete. I work on part-time web design/graphics projects via email/phone and here’s my portfolio, so if you want something designed – hire me! I did my Computer Science education from MIT (‘M’ for Manipal, not Massachusetts!), an engineering college in India.

Besides coding and the geeky stuff, I enjoy rock my Ibanez and bang my head to metal music. You can find some of my rock musical experiments here (Prophet of Macabre – that’s what I used to call myself a couple of years ago, funny eh?).

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2 Responses to “About the Author”

  1. Steven James Burks Says:


    Thanks for the fantastic script.

    Great attention to design detail.

    I’d really like to change the color scheme. Can you recommend the fastest way to go about doing this?

    Kind regards,


  2. Young Says:

    Hi, how can I remove/uninstall Gmail Super Clean skin?
    It doesn’t work with my computer, and I want to uninstall it.
    Thank you.

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