Known Issues

April 24, 2007

Well, after having received so many bugs for Super Clean, I thought I better release a known issues post. I still haven’t found time to sit and squash all these bugs, but trust me I’ll do them soon! Till then, please grin and bear!

Here’s the list (more bugs? comment away!)

  1. Search field: I think on some old versions of Greasemonkey, the search field is very long.
  2. Reply formating: while replying to a mail using the “reply” button, the formating options wont be visible, i.e. options like font colors, highlights are functional but the colors menu is not visible.
  3. Reply drop-down menu: The drop down menu with reply, reply to all etc options was initially hidden for the sake of simplicity, but quite a few people have requested to get this back. This can actually be done by tweaking the code a bit, there’s this small fragment in the code that says “visibility:hidden” just delete it and your reply button will be back. But i don’t recommend this, wait for the new version of GSC.
  4. A horizontal scrollbar appears below the sender’s details when the sender’s email address is very long.
  5. Text may overlap at a few places if your screen width is below 600 pixels or so.

32 Responses to “Known Issues”

  1. Daniel Says:

    I think the long search field it’s because the Windows version of Lucida Grande installed on the machine. On my Mac the scrip looked great, then I installed on my Windows XP machine and was horrible. Then I looked for the Lucida Grande on the web and installed… when I opened Gmail again I’ve got the very long search box and horizontal scroll bars. Then, I changed the script font to Lucida Sans and it fixed… and also look very good (but not as good as on the Mac). Hope it helps!

  2. Raine Says:

    1.) PLEASE USE A DIFFERENT FONT!!! It’s so tiny on 1680×1050 at 120dpi. It’s horrible. Use Tahoma or Times or anything but Lucida Grande.

    2.) The HTML form buttons are too large.

    3.) Cell colors dont change when you select a message. its blue gradient by default and a real eyesore. Use the blue gradient only when a message is selected.

    4.) To further #3, when you are in Spam folder, when you do a “select all” no colors change, and then when you do a “select all ### messages (which means ALL OF THEM, not just the ones on current page, the color again does not change).

    5.)The dropdown menus have too much padding internally.

  3. bhaidaya Says:

    Will use this when the reply drop down is back… too useful to miss…

  4. TTwinkle Says:


    Just to let you know — my search box is also very wide. I’m using:

    Windows XP


  5. kelle Says:


    1) i am using this skin through the Better Gmail extension rather than installing it directly.

    2) I like this skin better than Air Skin (one of the other skins included in Better Gmail) EXCEPT that label colors are blue. It would be awesome if the label colors were red.

    3) like bhaidaya, i would also request that the reply drop down menu be reinstated.

    thanks for your efforts!

  6. TTwinkle Says:

    “Hope it helps!”

    Yep, that was the problem! (I also installed Lucida Grande). Everything fixed now.


  7. Daniel Says:

    I think the butons are too large.
    I using Better Gmail extension.
    [ ]’s

  8. Patrick Says:

    I use the GMail Colorizer script in Greasemonkey but it doesn’t seem to work with this superb skin.

    Any way to change this?

  9. Daniel Says:

    The HTML email rendering is not working well also.

  10. Erythro Says:

    It would be brilliant if you could add support for one of the gmail + google reader integrator scripts. right now, the left sidebar space becomes blank when using these scripts.

  11. cema Says:

    There is some Java problem or something. Whatever it is, I deleted all my scripts and tried reinstalling. It said there was already a copy of the script, and it couldn’t overwrite. The annoying part was that other scripts worked, and it was right after an update.

  12. 0xCAFE Says:

    Any idea when the next version will come out ?
    I am experiencing most of the known issues, plus the following :

    1) When looking at an email, the Reply textarea is moved to the far right. There’s an extra table cell on it’s left.

    2) Reply button (top right of email) is transparent and it’s missing the little down arrow to show that it’s a drop-down list.

    Other from that, I love this skin ! 😛

  13. arthur Says:

    i’m getting this error when trying to install:

  14. Marko Says:

    With a recent upgrade of the GMail code, the Show/Hide Bookmarks no longer works.

    I’ve found that the .bookmarks class seems to be gone and it’s been replaced with the following IDs: #gbarl (that’s an ell), #gbarc, #gbar, and #guser.

    I’ve modified my copy of the gm_script to include those IDs after the .bookmarks entry in the CSS code and I’m back to having no bar at the top of the screen.

    Long Live GMail Super Clean!

  15. hunter Says:

    Nice skin!

    My one request that hasn’t already been covered:

    Is there some way to lose the blue “beta” seal graphic?

    The skin is nice and minimal otherwise, but that cliche web 2.0 seal graphic ruins the effect and stands out like a sore thumb.


  16. Reuven Palatnik Says:

    I am using the “better gmail” extension also. Your design is very nice and clean. One thing that bothers me is, that i dont have the link to the ‘docs & spreadsheets’. The extension already has a link to ‘calender’, but not to the docs. Have i missed something? Is it possible to tweek your extension to show the link? I am no programmer.

  17. Steven James Burks Says:

    Super Clean renders a fantastic iteration of Gmail. Clearly a designer, Ganesh has paid attention to many details which do not go unnoticed.

    I’d really like to change the color scheme of this skin, though. Can anyone recommend the quickest way to go about doing this?



  18. jobby Says:

    Nice skin!
    But the list of possible actions for each message in the conversation no longer appears with it. Too bad, I can’t use this skin only because of this…

  19. Squillace Says:

    Hey, from a fiew days ago I have no more images in Gmail. Did something happen to the host where the background images are hosted?
    Where can I find it to host it by myself?

  20. Dan Says:

    Love the skin, but I really want the reply drop-down menu returned–I make use of it pretty regularly.

  21. binarymelon Says:

    The status icon for the gmail user should match that of the contacts in the list. In the regular gmail the background for the user is blue and the image also has a blue background.

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  23. Chris Bartlett Says:


    What a great script! One question, though… I also have the Folders4GMail script loaded and one thing that did was overflowed the label list to the right. In other words, the box the label list is in is not wide enough. With or without this script, this is an irritant. So I was wondering where in the code of the script I can go to edit myself to alter the overall look. Especially that label list box. Help! Thanks!


  24. Paul M Says:

    With long conversations the collapsed messages other the first and the last read message before the first unread message don’t show up. There is just a gap with nothing in it. Clicking on the last read message causes them to show up (rather than that message to appear, you have to click on it twice for that.)

  25. David Says:

    When you pop out a chat window the status bar is on top of the text box.

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  27. John Says:

    Great skin.

    I also use GTD GMail. That extension creates categories of labels in the sidebar. The category titles (Contexts, Projects, etc.) can be collapsed or expanded. When it is rendered in this skin those category titles are in plain text. If you could adjust the skin so that it would allow those subgroups to collapse and expand that would help out those of us who use GTD GMail.

    You can get a clearer picture at:

    The section labeled ‘1’ in the first screen shot is the problem area. Category titles is what the guide calls ‘submenus’.


  28. Rob Says:

    I love the right click feature – fantastic way read mail. However, there is a small bug when I’m supposed to be reading one mail – I’ll actually be reading a piece of newer mail – usually this happens it’s off by one or two.

    From what I can tell – say there is piece of mail 4th in your inbox, and you right click on it – the interface looks like your reading the 4th, but you can tell by the sender and subject your actually reading the 3rd. Then you refresh your page, and you realize a new mail has come in – so the piece of mail that was in the 3rd position is now in the 4th.

  29. CSS Says:

    Having an odd issue. I just installed the skin, and loaded up both my personal gmail and a google apps hosted email account, and found that in my personal account just about nothing in the script had been applied, however in the google apps hosted email everything was fine. Any ideas?

  30. Karin Says:

    My problem is that when I use Gmail super clean, my window appears to fall out of my screen. The right inch (about) is hidden (no scrollbar).

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